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Date Tournament Round Motion
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 1 This House Would expel states which fail to spend a minimum of 2% of GDP on defence from NATO.
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 2 This House Believes that feminist movements in the developing world should integrate religious messages and institutions into their advocacy, rather than distancing themselves from them.
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 3 This House Believes That the West should massively discourage and disincentivise economic collaboration and exchange with China.
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 4 This House Would raise their child to prefer to be single.
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 5 THBT the democratic nominee should commit to abolishing ICE
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 ESL_Semi This House Believes That it is in the interest of the Russian Federation for Vladimir Putin to run for a fifth term as President in 2024.
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 ESL_Final This House prefers technocracy to democracy.
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 Open_Quarters This House Believes That it is in the interest of the Russian Federation for Vladimir Putin to run for a fifth term as President in 2024.
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 Open_Semi This House prefers technocracy to democracy.
2019-05-11 Cambridge IV 2019 Open_Final THBT Palestinians should prioritise striving to consolidate a Palestinian state in the Westbank and the Gaza Strip as opposed to seeking the right to return to Israel.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 1 TH opposes the attempts by the feminist movement to redefine roles and behaviours traditionally associated with women (e.g. wanting to be a housewife, wearing make-up and heels) as empowering.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 2 THS countries withdrawing from the International Criminal Court in order to create their own regional replacements (e.g. an African Criminal Court, an InterAmerican Criminal Court).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 3 In areas of chronically low academic attainment, THBT the general approach of educational charities should be to focus resources on maximising the potential of exceptional students, over helping the lowest achieving.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 4 THS the rise of computational creativity (Infoslide: Computational Creativity' is a scientific field researching AI models that simulate or replicate human creativity. Projects in the field include but are not limited to using AI to script films, compose music, write poetry, and paint).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 5 THW give legislative veto power to a Future Generations Commission (Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, a 'Future Generations Commission' is an independent body mandated with mapping the long-term impacts of governmental policy on the young, or unborn generations).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 ESL_Semis Where resources are significantly limited, THBT states should actively promote religion in areas of high poverty.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 ESL_Final TH prefers a world in which all children are conceived with DNA from a global genetic database.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 Novice_Final THBT it is immoral for individuals who have met their basic needs to not donate any excess wealth to utility maximising causes.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 Open_Quarters Actually, THW rather see one innocent man go to jail than see 100 guilty men walk free.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 Open_Semis THR 'Operation Car Wash'. (Infoslide: Operation Car Wash' is a broad investigation conducted in Brazil that revealed extensive corruption. As a result of the operation, the left-leaning Workers' Party have lost power, and far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro has been elected president)
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 Open_Final From behind a veil of ignorance, TH would choose to not be born.
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 1 This house would give companies tax breaks on all revenues paid as renumeration (salaries and bonus) to all female employees
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 2 THR the substitution of digital entertainment (e.g. tv, movies, video games) for written materials (e.g. novels, Kindle, comic books) in the lives of children
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 3 THBT former human rights activists under dictatorial regimes should not seek elected office (e.g. MP) after the transition to democracy
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 4 This house prefers a world in which all religions believe in Universal Salvation
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 5 This House regrets the rise of Xi Jinping
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 ESL_Semis This house believes that criminal justice systems should never incorporate retribution as an aim in determining criminal punishments
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 ESL_Final This House regrets the use of the term "moderate muslim" by Muslims to identify themselves
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 Open_Quarters This house would force all companies worth over $1 billion to list publicly
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 Open_Semis In cases where a supreme court would currently rule on the compliance of a given law with a constitutional provision, THW hold a public referendum on whether to abandon that constitutional provision
2017-11-17 Cambridge IV 2017 Open_Final THBT it is always immoral to fight for one's country
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV 1 This House would abolish all government schemes that provide grants, tax-breaks or loans at preferential terms to home buyers
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV 2 THBT indigenous groups in parliamentary democracies should form independent political parties instead of encouraging their members to vote for, and run on behalf of, existing parties
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV 3 This House believes that governments should make available a publicly searchable database containing the income, wealth and taxes paid by all citizens
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV 4 This House would prohibit the use of predictive algorithms in criminal trials
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV 5 This House, as Israel, opposes a Iran nuclear deal
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV ESL_Semi This House believes that membership of the EAEU is in the interests of Central Asian states.
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV Novice_Final This House would allow individuals to sue the government when the government has failed to provide a basic standard of living.
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV Open_Quarter This House believes that states should focus on negotiating bilateral trade agreements over large, regional agreements such as the TPP and RCEP.
2016-11-18 Cambridge IV Open_Final This House prefers a world in which Islam is structured around a strong, central governing authority (e.g. The Pope in Catholicism)
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 1 This house believes that medical staff should be able to opt out of providing treatments on religious or ethical grounds
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 2 This house regrets the eastward expansion of the European Union during and since 2004
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 3 This house would prefer a world without religious beliefs
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 4 This house believes that Israel should have continued the occupation of Gaza
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 5 This house believes that educational institutions should never attempt to restrict the freedom of expression of students or staff (except when mandated by law)
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV ESL_Semi This House Regrets the perception that soldiers are heroes
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV ESL_Final THBT Saudi Arabia should limit participation in the Hajj to the citizens of countries that are committed to taking direct action against IS
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV Open_Quarters THR the partition of India
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV Open_Semi TH Opposes the Sharing Economy
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV Open_Final THBT the international community should pay countries near to conflict zones to process, settle and restrict the further movement of refugees
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 1 THW not punish those who live below the poverty line for economic crimes, e.g. theft
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 2 TH, as a superhero, would agree to use their powers solely in service of the democratic state
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 3 THS the objectification of men in popular culture.
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 4 THW require that any houses or apartments left vacant for six months or more be surrendered to the State.
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 5 THBT Western foreign policy should abandon attempts to universalise liberal values
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV ESL_Semis THBT Google should inform the authorities about suicide searches
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV ESL_Final Assuming the existence of a gay gene, THW disproportionately favour embryos that possess it in IVF.
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV Open_Quarters THW prohibit all research aiming to create sentient artificial intelligences.
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV Open_Semis THS the New Atheism movement
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV Open_Final THBT unpaid domestic workers should strike for state pay
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV 1 THW give primates and cetaceans the same rights to life, freedom from physical harm and freedom of movement as humans.
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV 2 THBT developed countries should set maximum rents for residential properties in large urban centres.
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV 3 THBT despite the expressed wishes of the Pakistani government, the United States should continue to target the leaders of Tehrik-i-Talibani (Pakistani Taliban).
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV 4 THW break up banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, that are deemed "too big to fail".
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV 5 THW ban religious charities from engaging in proselytisation.
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV ESL_Semis THW prevent those who deny climate change from seeking political office.
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV ESL_Finals THBT it should be the policy of the US to conduct all of its military interventions unilaterally.
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV Open_Quarters THBT the Republican and Democratic parties should select congressional, senate and presidential candidates through a vote by the party leadership rather than through primaries.
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV Open_Semis Instead of creating a Jewish state in the British Mandate of Palestine, with the benefit of hindsight THW have created a Jewish state in Germany.
2013-11-15 Cambridge IV Open_Finals THBT it is in the West's interests for Assad to decisively win the Syrian civil war.
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV 1 The state should pay a living wage to stay at home parents
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV 2 THB all donor countries should freeze aid to Rwanda
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV 3 THW hold the senior executives of major banks and rating agencies criminally liable for the actions of their companies that led to the Global Financial Crisis
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV 4 THBT democratic reform is more important than economic growth for China
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV 5 THBT prosecutors should never offer reduced sentences in exchange for testifying against others
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV ESL_Final THBT that Japan should not abandon nuclear power
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV Open_Quarters TH regrets the rise of 24 hour news culture
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV Open_Semis THBT all companies should be at least 75% owned by their workforce, in equal shares
2012-11-17 Cambridge IV Open_Final THBT Egypt should provide a military security guarantee against the invasion of Gaza
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV 1 THW allow family members to forcibly commit proven alcoholics and drug addicts to rehabilitation clinics
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV 2 THBT all research organizations should institute codes of conduct that forbid the creation of strong Artificial Intelligence (Info slide: A ‘Weak’ Artificial Intelligence is only capable of solving narrowly defined problems. A ‘Strong’ AI is capable of all the same kinds of intellectual tasks as human beings. A Strong AI would be able to reason, plan, learn, adapt, and communicate in natural language. Researchers at major universities have made significant progress towards the creation of Strong AI.)
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV 3 THW provide financial assistance to inner city communities to prevent gentrification
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV 4 THBT China should make extracting a full apology for Japan’s war crimes a top strategic priority
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV 5 THBT feminism should not campaign against polygamy in poor countries
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV ESL_Semis THW take the children of the Amish into care
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV ESL_Final THB that it is morally legitimate for Occupy Movement to use violence to undermine capitalist institutions
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV Open_Quarters THW consider the use of conscripts a war crime
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV Open_Semis TH regrets the rise of a distinct African American culture
2011-11-18 Cambridge IV Open_Final THW break Google’s search monopoly