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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-11-25 Cork IV 1 This House Believes That teachers should contradict curriculum that they believe will be harmful to society
2016-11-25 Cork IV 2 This House Believes That feminists should actively adopt stereotypically "male" traits (such as being assertive, emotionally distant, "man-spreading" etc.)
2016-11-25 Cork IV 3 This House Would never offer a reduced sentence in return for information relating to other crimes
2016-11-25 Cork IV 4 This House, as the Catholic Church, would sell all wealth (including, but not limited to, art, property, and religious artefacts) to the highest bidder and donate the profit to the alleviation of poverty
2016-11-25 Cork IV 5 This House Would give the African Union passport to all citizens of African Union member states
2013-11-29 Cork IV 1 THBT once artists earn enough to constitute a comfortable wage, they have a duty to make their work freely available
2013-11-29 Cork IV 2 THBT Libya should repeal its ban on senior members of the Gaddaffi Regime (military and civil) from holding positions in government
2013-11-29 Cork IV 3 THW force violent offenders to undergo the Ludovico technique
2013-11-29 Cork IV 4 THBT developing countries should use policies such as permits to restrict rural to urban migration
2013-11-29 Cork IV 5 THW allow Pro-Life organisations to pay women currently considering having an abortion to carry the pregnancy to term
2013-11-29 Cork IV Open_Semis TH supports the actions of Anonymous and other such vigilante groups
2013-11-29 Cork IV Open_Final Assuming you would not be found out, in the event of a terrorist attack on US soil, committed by Islamist extremists THW fabricate evidence that attack was committed by dominant ethnic and socio-economic group, e.g. white Anglo-Saxons
2012-11-30 Cork IV 1 THW require prospective parents to obtain parenting licences prior to having children
2012-11-30 Cork IV 3 THW require all news media to graphically depict under-reported armed conflicts
2012-11-30 Cork IV 4 THBT the EU should suspend the membership rights of countries if they elect extremist parties to government (for example, Greece's Golden Dawn or the UK's British National Party)
2012-11-30 Cork IV 5 THB artists should not set out to sympathetically portray characters who hold morally repugnant world views
2012-11-30 Cork IV Novice_Final THW ban all medical procedures intended to change an individual's racial appearance
2012-11-30 Cork IV Open_Semis THW introduce blind voting in national elections
2012-11-30 Cork IV Open_Final THB the ICC should open an investigation on war crimes in Palestine
2011-12-02 Cork IV 1 THBT all bail-out packages should be approved by a popular referendum in the recipient party
2011-12-02 Cork IV 2 THBT the Arab League should impose an oil embargo on the EU until the EU member states lift their ban on the Islamic Veil
2011-12-02 Cork IV 3 THBT it would be better if Sinn Fein took their seats (in the UK parliament)
2011-12-02 Cork IV 4 THBT Virginia Tech should remember Seung-Hui Cho, the shooter, along with his victims in its memorials … and launch 33 balloons
2011-12-02 Cork IV 5 THW allow defendants in criminal trials to ask the judge to be acquitted on the grounds that the law they broke was unjust, and would instruct all juries to take this defense into account
2011-12-02 Cork IV Novice_Final THBT the State should have no role in the recognition of marriage
2011-12-02 Cork IV Open_Semis THBT the State should give everyone an equal salary, paid for by the government, even if they are unemployed
2011-12-02 Cork IV Open_Final THW refuse war veterans the right to vote