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Date Tournament Round Motion
2021-03-06 Dialectics 1 THBT all social media accounts should be private until they get verified
2021-03-06 Dialectics 1 THBT developing countries should require internet companies to pay for news sharing
2021-03-06 Dialectics 1 TH, as Facebook, would take down all pages of celebrities and influencers who have previous and current engagements with misinformation channels (e.g. Twinmark)
2021-03-06 Dialectics 2 In developing countries, THBT economies should not be fully opened if only under 80% of the population is vaccinated
2021-03-06 Dialectics 2 THW not allow partnership between private corporations and public sector aimed for disaster relief
2021-03-06 Dialectics 2 THBT tech companies should be prohibited from filing for IPO
2021-03-06 Dialectics 3 TH welcomes "mass coming out" in the entertainment industry
2021-03-06 Dialectics 3 THW remove tax-exemption privilege from private schools that are guilty of discriminating LGBT students
2021-03-06 Dialectics 3 You are a cis-het male actor offered to portray a homosexual man in a BL movie/series. TH, as the actor, would reject the offer
2021-03-06 Dialectics 4 THBT pushing t abolish the filibuster is in the best interest of the Democrats
2021-03-06 Dialectics 4 In the US elections, candidates for the federal, state, and local elections are filtered through a series of election caucuses and primaries. During the caucuses and primaries, either the political parties or the administration organises an election primary, and voters can indicate their preference for the party's candidate or how many delegates their state will be sending to the national convention.
2021-03-06 Dialectics 4 THO Al Jazeera's move to create a media outlet for US Conservatives
2021-03-06 Dialectics 5 TH, as Japan, would remove Article 9 from its constitution
2021-03-06 Dialectics 5 TH, as the ASEAN, would impose sanctions on Myanmar
2021-03-06 Dialectics 5 TH, as the PH Opposition, prefers to actively work with Western liberal democracies and institutions to impeach Duterte over preparing for the 2022 Elections
2021-03-06 Dialectics Open_Semi THR the industrialisation of Artificial Intelligence
2021-03-06 Dialectics Open_Semi THW break up tech companies that are deemed too big to fail (e.g. Facebook, Google, Apple, etc)
2021-03-06 Dialectics Open_Semi THC the rise of NFTs being applied to media/art
2021-03-06 Dialectics Open_Final THBT EMILY's List should fund male candidates who are pro-choice
2021-03-06 Dialectics Open_Final TH, as Black women, would leave the Feminist movement in favour of the Womanist movement
2021-03-06 Dialectics Open_Final THO fashion and beauty as tools of gendered self-expression (ie: wearing high heels and makeup)