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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-10-15 Imperial Open 1 TH would allow communities to pay for increased police presence in their area
2016-10-15 Imperial Open 2 TH would implement a negative income tax.
2016-10-15 Imperial Open 3 TH would nationalise SpaceX’s mission to colonise Mars.
2016-10-15 Imperial Open 4 TH supports the privatisation of Saudi Aramco.
2016-10-15 Imperial Open Open_Semis TH believes that secular states should force the Catholic church to accept the ordination of female bishops.
2016-10-15 Imperial Open Open_Final TH believes that the EU should end its commitment to the free movement of people as a core principle of the single market.
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 1 THW compel colleges to pay athletes as professionals (with info slide)
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 2 THBT the EU should enforce freedom of movement within current Schengen countries (with info slide)
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 3 TH supports Lean In feminism (with info slide)
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 4 THW ban adoption agencies which select families on religious grounds
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 Open_Semis THBT states should strive to reduce inequality even after everyone has enough for an acceptable quality of life
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 Open_Finals THW allow students to vote on the curriculum they are taught in schools
2013-10-26 Imperial Open 1 THW ban unpaid internships
2013-10-26 Imperial Open 2 THW boycott the FIFA World Cup in Qatar
2013-10-26 Imperial Open 3 TH, as the Roman Catholic Church, would excommunicate political leaders who fail to advocate nuclear disarmament
2013-10-26 Imperial Open 4 THW construct brothels on military bases
2013-10-26 Imperial Open Open_Final THB schools in the USA should teach rap lyrics as part of their core English literature curricula
2012-10-27 Imperial Open 1 THBT the West should support a power-sharing deal between the Afghan government and the Taliban
2012-10-27 Imperial Open 2 THBT Latin American countries should use private military contractors to police high crime areas
2012-10-27 Imperial Open 3 THBT the feminist movement should renounce the title of "Feminism"
2012-10-27 Imperial Open 4 THBT in order to be eligible for public funding, art must be subject to a double-blind test, in which it is judged anonymously by an art critic, and by members of the public against the work of a 5-year-old