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Date Tournament Round Motion
2012-04-06 Paris IV 1 THW remove all constraints on companies firing workers
2012-04-06 Paris IV 2 THW make sportןמע teams whose fans performed violence or severe disorderly behaviour, play their matches in front of a crowd of women and children only.
2012-04-06 Paris IV 3 TH, as Aljazeera, would have broadcasted the videos of the Toulouse attacks.
2012-04-06 Paris IV 4 THBT retribution should not be a part of the criminal justice system
2012-04-06 Paris IV 5 THBT the state should subsidize feminist porn
2012-04-06 Paris IV ESL_Final HW make assimilation the primary goal of legislation related to immigrants.
2012-04-06 Paris IV Open_Semis THW ban all research into the genetic origins of homosexuality
2012-04-06 Paris IV Open_Final thw allow the deliberate (!) targeting of civilians in war, where it would significantly reduce casualties in the long term