Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THBT the Philippines should scrap the AAL

The Automatic Appropriations Law (AAL) compels the government to set aside a substantial portion of its annual budget for debt payments before allocations are made for social and economic services.

THW establish an easily performed procedure for individuals to delete the entirety of their internet and social media footprint

SSE Riga IV / 3 / 2013-11-30

THW ban meat consumption

Rotterdam BP toernooi / 2 / 2013-01-26

THO the demonization of dark humour / comedy

Broadly, dark comedy, dark humour, or gallows humour, is a style of comedy that makes light of subject matter generally considered taboo, particularly serious or painful to discuss

THS the creation of an open marketplace for the buying and selling of luck between individuals

Luck refers to success or failure apparently brought about by chance rather than one's own actions. For the purposes of this debate, assume that luck is a distinct quality that can be measured, stored externally, and transferred from one person to another.

USC IV / Open_Final / 2021-02-27

THBT criminal justice policy should be outsourced to technocrats as opposed to elected representatives

TH prefers a world in which people can’t lie

Riga IV 2018 / Novice_Final / 2018-12-08

THBT LGBTQ+ movement in East Asia should actively criticize Danmei, rather than co-opting them

Danmei (耽美) is a genre of literature and other fictional media originating from East Asia which features romantic relationships between male characters. Usually the stories of Danmei are written, and read by female audiences.

Asia Queer Open 2.0 2021 / 1 / 2021-11-13

This House would deny scarce medical resources to terminally ill patients.

Assumption WUDC 2008 / 9 / 2008-01-01

THB the EU should revoke membership status of any state that withdraws from the Schengen Agreement.

The Schengen Agreement established the area of continental Europe that removed all border and passport controls at internal borders. Recently, some states have considered withdrawing from the agreement.

NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) / Open_Semis / 2015-03-11