Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THBT in order for full gender equality to be achieved, all images designed to even slightly sexually attract or arouse the viewer must be banned

Namda Novices / Open_Final / 2012-10-27

TH believes that the EU should end its commitment to the free movement of people as a core principle of the single market.

Imperial Open / Open_Final / 2016-10-15

THW make parents legally responsible for their children's crimes

Leiden Novice Tournament / 2 / 2013-12-14

TH, as an athlete with sight on a medal at the Olympic Games in Sotchi, would publicly promote LGBT rights during the Games

Zeit Debatte Dresden / Open_Final / 2014-01-10

THW not let cities use public funds to construct stadiums for professional sports teams.

NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) / 3 / 2015-03-11

TH, as a critic, would advise the public not to consume works of music, film and art produced by artists that you deem morally reprehensible, regardless of the artistic merit of their work

Leiden Open / 2 / 2014-02-22

THBT Poland should join the Eurozone as soon as possible

THW not admit immigrants who actively (strongly?) oppose the norms of the host society

Cicero Toernooi / ProAm_Final / 2013-11-23

THS the Creation of Feminist Parties.

AIB Trinity IV 2015 / Open_Semis / 2015-01-30

THBT X should take the job of CEO

ASDO 2020 / 2 / 2020-07-04