Ten Random Motions

One Random Motion

THS granting legal personality to rivers and lakes - Semi Final 1

NZ Easters 2017 / Open_Semis / 2017-04-14

That we should ban the consumption of animals

Whippersnappa Pre-Australs / 5 / 2020-05-30

THS parents actively confiding in their children about financial problems and personal insecurities

Taiwan Online Debate Open / 5 / 2020-05-23

TH declares the war on drugs a failure

DDG Master’s Cup 2012 / Open_Semis / 2012-09-29

THW grant an amnesty to illegal immigrants

Saggsn- Masders / Open_Final / 2012-04-28

This supports prison abolition as opposed to prison reform.

USUDC 2019 / Novice_Final / 2019-04-13

THW allow private companies to resort to openly discriminatory hiring practices

Open de Lisboa / 4 / 2012-10-05

THW transfer all state funding for elite sportspersons to youth academies

Hart House IV / 1 / 2014-10-16

THBT the US should ban the sale of vital components for the manufacturing of electronic devices (eg semiconductors), which are produced in the US or use American technology or software*, to Huawei and other major Chinese companies. (*the vast majority of currently produced components)

IBA DU Nations League / 5 / 2020-08-21

THBT members of a minority group should oppose popular media that innacurately portrays the culture, struggles or history of traditionally marginalised groups (i.e. Hamilton, Mulan)

Hamilton: An American Musical is a historical musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the US. The musical hires predominantly POC actors. Recently, the writer - Lin Manuel Miranda - had been scrutinised by fans for leaving out Hamilton's involvement in slavery from the musical (#BoycottHamilton). In response, Miranda has expressed public support for the Black Lives Matter movement and explained that the "2.5 hour time window of the musical was, unfortunately, too short to accurately portray historical events". Similarly, Mulan's upcoming live action movie has also been scrutinised for inaccuracies in depictions of Chinese culture despite its cast of predominantly POC actors. This scrutiny increased after lead actress Liu Yifei expressed support for the Hong Kong police in the 2019-2020 Hong Kong protests (#BoycottMulan). Liu Yifei has not officially responded to the criticism against her.

The Novice Debate / 2 / 2020-08-15